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Family Suites

April 30, 2021 by suitesfamily


Come Enjoy Your Stay With Family Suites

Family Suites

licensed property management company for short term rentals

we offer a 12 months lease to our clients including first and last month at signing. we take the landlord headache from you and handle any and all maintenance and repairs both inside and out. We are fully insured for over 2 million in liability and personal injury. 


Our Process

  • We rent your place for a 12 months’ lease with the possibility of renewal upon end of lease term.
  • We fully furnish your place inside and out.
  • We ensure the Home is at it’s best by getting it ready including regular maintenance down to the littlest detail such as light bulbs.
  • Our team has a rigorous screening process and only rents to families who are coming to the city for a few days.
  • We have a strict “NO Party or Events of any kind allowed” we mean not even so much as a child’s birthday party.
  • We check on the home before and after each stay and ensure nothing is missing, scratched, damaged, or needing maintenance or repairs.
  • Incase anything does happen we are fully insured for 2 million dollars of liability and personal injury.
  • We will handle any and all repairs required from tenant use.
  • Our team of cleaners make sure the home is cleaned before and after each stay including deep cleaning inside and out.

Why Us?

We have been landlords ourselves and we know the challenges that come with long term tenants. We have helped landlords escape their fair share of stories of bad tenants, from damaged properties to tenants refusing to leave at the end of their lease or when provided with two months’ notice. With us you are safe from all the headaches that can come with being a landlord.

We take your home and hold it in the highest standards treating it like our very own. We’ve always had positive experiences with our families due to our strict screening process. We have a no party or event policy which we strictly enforce. We truly believe the best method of keeping your property safe starts with screening and communication prior to accepting a reservation. In the event that life’s little accidents happen, we are fully insured for 2 million dollars in liability and personal injury.

We also value our client’s and offer a higher monthly payment meaning as a landlord you will be able to grow your cash flow more than you would be able to with the typical lease.